Thursday, April 10, 2014

Advancing Your Architecture Skills


If your time and job description allows, don’t waste time after a project, but
immediately start to think about the next steps in a more complex scenario,
even if you know for a fact that a more complex scenario will never happen
for this project. What would your solution look like if it were scaled to five
times its current size? What if you had three times the number of document
types? What if there was a need for external user access? What if you had to
support a rapid restore after a critical breakdown?
As an architect, your skill set includes thinking two or three stages ahead of
your current project, so after you’ve completed your first and simpler
projects, start practicing on the thought pattern. By doing so, even if the
project never moves ahead, you will see your simpler project in a new light.
Perhaps you didn’t take into account that when you add three new
departments to your solution, your chosen solution isn’t scalable enough.
Good! You’ve just gained experience that will help you in your next project.
Perhaps you didn’t consider changing document requirements in your
taxonomy solution. Great! You won’t make the same mistake again.
The next time you are asked to create a new department site or document
taxonomy, you’ll have these new and imaginary experiences to help you
along, and you’ll architect a solution that is better than your first one.
Congratulations, you’ve improved.

About the Author
Bjørn Christoffer Thorsmæhlum Furuknap is a senior solutions
architect, published author, speaker, and passionate
SharePointaholic. He has been doing software development
professionally since 1993 for small companies as well as
multinational corporations.
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