Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Role of an Architect

SharePoint and even other platforms such as Office, Exchange, Lync, and so
on. This is a massive undertaking, and to be good at it or for it to yield an
actual return on investment for the training you need, you need to focus.
If in addition you start to work as an information architect, where your tasks
will be to understand the business taxonomies and architect information
management system to support those tasks, you’ll find a completely new
discipline that will take attention away from your solutions architecture
practice. You won’t excel in all disciplines, or even many. Like developers or
administrators, if you want to become an expert, you need to focus.
In short, however, think of architects not as advanced developers or
administrators but rather as breadth-first practitioners within those
disciplines, who know a massive number of topics to only a small extent.
This means that there are “developer” discipline architects who essentially
architect building and development, and there are “administrator” discipline
architects who essentially architect management and operations.
Finally, keep in mind that we are talking only about SharePoint architects so
far. However, there are many architect roles that are not SharePoint specific
but are still relevant to SharePoint professionals.
For example, a solutions architect (not to be confused with a SharePoint
solutions architect) focuses on solutions in general, where SharePoint is just
one option. These solution architects pick SharePoint as a tool but don’t
necessarily know SharePoint features or components in detail. They then
hand over the architecture and requirements to a SharePoint architect who
can then pick the required features and components.

About the Author
Bjørn Christoffer Thorsmæhlum Furuknap is a senior solutions
architect, published author, speaker, and passionate
SharePointaholic. He has been doing software development
professionally since 1993 for small companies as well as
multinational corporations.
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