Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Path of Becoming an Architect

This all comes down to another problem with IT, the ambiguity of titles, but
I’ll leave that for a separate issue.
The Path of Becoming an Architect
I sometimes hear SharePoint professionals say that you cannot have junior
architects, because all architects are in senior roles. This may be correct, but
probably not in the way you think.
Many current architects have extensive experience. They moved into their
new career after having spent years doing other disciplines, such as
development, infrastructure, security, or similar technical professions.
However, there’s nothing preventing you from starting out in a career as an
architect from scratch.
When moving into a new career, experience may be a good thing because it
usually means you are older and have been exposed to more situations from
which you can learn. This isn’t unique to architects; for an experienced
administrator to move into development, for example, their life experience
means they will have a head start on many of their younger and less
experienced colleagues.
You become an architect just like any other profession. You start with the
architect’s version of your first “Hello World” solution, and from that point
on, you are an architect, albeit not more than a developer would be a
developer after creating their first “Hello World” application or an
administrator would be an administrator after doing their first spouse-mode
install (and adds a “Hello World” web part to their wizard-created site).
Architects, like developers and administrators, start out by doing simple tasks
to build their experience and confidence, such as setting up a site for your

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multinational corporations.
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